Entire collection matter


I just bought a small ammo collection. It came in cigarette boxes, several hundred of them. They look like 60 or 70’s period, most are plastic. Is there anyone there who collects cigarette boxes? I just wanted ammo. I also have some old cigar boxes.


E-Bay might be a good place to check.


Vlad–You can be sure that someone somewhere collects just about anything you can name. I even had a collection of different kinds of animal poop. Sounds strange, but it was for a Boy Scout Merit Badge in Wildlife Conservation. Point is, whatever it is, somebody collects it. So, son’t throw them out.


Ron, would that be Rimfire poop or Centerfire poop ? ;-)


Hey, I run a big cat wildlife sanctuary. I’d be happy to mail you all kinds of predator poop for your collection :-) haha!

Anyhow, I would definitely check out EBAY to see what kind of interest in the boxes is out their. I am sure they are collectible and someone will see value in them. Sounds like you scored big time acquiring a nice collection.


I bet there are tobaco museums that would be interested also?


Simon–They are Inside Primed.

APFSDS–I’ll pass on the generous offer of the Big Cat Poop. I gave up collecting that stuff. Althrough I do have some petrified dinosaur and ancient turtle poop setting on the shelf. But, they don’t stink much.

Where in Florida is your Big Cat Sanctuary? I lived in St.Pete for 2 years back in 1970-1971 while stationed at McDill AFB in Tampa. Any connection to Busch Gardens?


I’m further down in Miami. Check out www.tigerhomes.org. If you have the time, go to our web cams. They are free and we have 30 plus cams set up in out tiger, lion, leopard, cougar and lemur habitats.