Eod ammunition disposal photo

I could not resist posting this photo. I can not imagine the bang this must make and how far away you must stand to be safe. Stacking all this ammo must be incredibly dangerous on its own. I wonder if everything detonates?


Is that in Iraq? Is that US ammunition for disposal or siezed enemy ordnance? I would like to watch that lot go up! You would surely have to be at least a few miles away?

It looks like Arlington or Warhorse in Iraq. They do or were doing blows that were of a size that 'blew my mind".

Definitely, Iraq. Here is another similar photo.

Is this like all the AK-47s they destroyed after both wars, and then had to go out and buy the Iraqi police new ones with U.S. Taxpayer’s dollars?

Just wondered.

John Moss

Those FAB-500 M62’s on the first picture are just beautiful :)

I have no clue John, but it would not surprise me. I just liked the picture :-)

STRAKV, I am curious what are the FAB-500 M62’s? Are they the big bomb looking things on top of the pile?


Yes they are, but i have to correct myself (it was late night, when i wrote the post). Their correct designation is ФАБ-500 M-62T. It means Фугасная Авиа Бомба (DEMO bomb), 500kg, M62 series (low drag profile), thermostable.


This is a dangerous job!
There may have our production of ammunition.

Yeah, dangerous, but there’s lots of fun :)

Dangerous and CRAZY! It must take allot of work just to stack and wire these piles. I am sure somewhere their is a video of this stuff going up? I hope the EOD guys get paid extra.

  • @ John Moss: You’re 100% right! Many of those AKMs were of Romanian manufacture from 1980s. Piles of weapons were destroyed and later buried, it was shown on the TV. Liviu 11/25/07