EOD bomb photo

I came across this today online, showing an unexploded bomb having been seemingly air-dropped onto a target, hitting the target, but not exploding. The tail section doesn’t look exactly like any of the GBU family of bombs with the three little exposed spring-loaded hinges on each fin, and I wonder what bomb this one is? The implied location is Afghanistan, and time frame is implied as recent. No information was given with the photo. I’m not sure if that was a practice target using an inert bomb, or if this was a live combat engagement, but there is what appears to be stuff inside the truck which doesn’t jive with a practice exercise.

Bombs aside, let’s Look at the truck…it looks like a Russian Built GAZ or UAZ, from the Cab outline visible, and of course, the Back tray Bodywork. Also, the Tyre/s look as if they have been flat for some time…could it be a target on a Bombing range? The Other truck in the Background also looks “Abandoned” from its tattered look. (can’t tell if the Tyres are Flat.)

Interesting Photo…Goes to show that a percentage of Bombs actually fail to detonate, for various reasons, even in Modern War.

Topical Photo.

Doc AV

Looks like some kind of tube-launched, rockety ordnance thing.

I have seen the same photo somewhere on the internet recently. The site I saw it on (unfortunately I can’t remember where) said the photo was taken during the current conflict in Ukraine.

It’s a Russian rocket… more than half of it is buried in the ground.

Hey, do I know my tube-launched, rockety ordnance things, or what? Not bad for a guy who collects little pistol/SMG rounds!

From a Russian military equipment catalog, dated 2002

9A52-2 launch vehicle.
Rocket firing range & weight: 70 km, 800kg & 90 km, 815kg
Reload, min 20
Crew 3
Rocket types used: 9N150 – 95kg explosives, 9N174 – 100kg explosives, 9N139 – 72 sub munitions, 9N152 – 5 sub munitions, 9N539 – 25 sub munitions, 9N176 – 646 sub munitions

That looks like it, thanks guys. Now the back-story… we may never know.