EOD display

While visiting my Navy bound daughter in Norfolk,VA, I deviated from looking at the big grey ships and went to a nice local gun shop. There I found this display. I know as much about EOD as I know about Navy ships. Does this display look realistic?

About as ignorant on EOD as you sks, but it looks realistic. Though they would have soldered the wires on the batteries for better contact imho.

Mausernut, judging by my little IED experience I can say that in IEDs it depends much on who made it, how educated he is (was), how well he got trained on the subject (if at all), what equipment and tools he had on hand and last but not least on the situation the setup was done (if components had to be “smuggled in” one by one and assembled on the spot without letting others taking notice of).
A proper wire connection done by hand is entirely sufficient in many situations.

Here my very own opinion:

  • The multi-plier tool should be the EOD issue (the US have one to my knowledge), not one like hunters and average folks do use it like in the display.
  • Loose shoe laces!!! Any comment on this is superfluent…
  • Isn’t a rifle with a scope and a 40mm grenade launcher kinda contradicting each other? Do EODs need a 40mm at all?