EOD poster


Finally, my daughter IS in the Navy. I took this picture in the Navy office before she departed. I also asked for a hard copy of this poster, if anybody wants it, I’ll put it in mail.



She’ll make a good looking Sailor and I’m sure she’ll do you proud. Keep us posted on how she’s doing.

And my thanks to her (and you) for serving.



This is where a LIKE button would be useful. Good for her!!!


My last 3 years on active duty were recruiting in my home town. I was really impressed at the young women that joined the Navy. They were really hard chargers and quite serious about their goals. From the day they joined to the day they shipped out, I never worried about them bailing out on me. The boys were fickle, though! I had to keep them on track until the day they boarded the Greyhound for Great Lakes.