EPREUVES LIEGE Proof Cartridges

I have a 297 Rimfire Revolver proof load with a raised “.EPREUVES. LIEGE” headstamp. I also have a 7mm pinfire with a raised “EPREUVE LIEGE” surrounding a raised “7” which I assume is also a proof load. Kass’s “Rimfire Headstamp Guide” states “headstamp appears on proof loads only. Ammunition was made on contract.” Does anyone know who actually manufactured these rounds for the Epreuve Liege proof house?


VFM (V. Francotte May) of Belgium made the CENTERFIRE rounds headstamped EPREUVE LIEGE [cal]. I’ve always assumed that they also made the rimfire rounds but cannot be 100% sure. … Chris P.


Thanks for the info!


Maybe this is the chance I should take to try to decipher another headstamp that was shown as unknown for years, until Phil Regenstreif published his book on “Culots des minitions Atlas.” I still have a question about the headstamp but not about the basic meaning, which he explains.

My question has, basically, to do with abbreviations. The headstamp in question I have on a 7.65 Browning cartridge as an original headstamp, and I have held in my hand, in preparation for a little article I did on the 9mm Browning LOng cartridge, one “F N *” cartridge with the headstamp as an overstamp.

The headstamp in question is “E L G” and appears as three evenly-spaced entries on the head of the cartridge. The conventional interpreation of this headstamp, which can be confused with “Georg Egestorff, Linden” except the letters are in the wrong order, is that it stands for “Epreuve Liege.”

In this interpretation, the “L” and the “G” are said to be the abbreviation for Liege. If that is true, my curiosity is over why the letters are both capitalized, and equidistant on the headstamp along with the “E” of a separate word. Wouldn’t they be right together, even if both capitalized, if they stood just for Liege? Is there a possiblilty that they stand for “Epreuve Liege ?” with the question mark indicating a third, separate word? I have had this question even from a well-known Belgian proof mark also said to represent “Epreuve Liege” that shows a tower and the letters "L


Just for your info, if one day you find a ctge with:
L “sun” G
in the hstp, it has nothing to see with Liege.