Equipment Wanted

Hey all:

I have a need for:

  1. Universal Test Bond Receiver
  2. Old Baird Style Barrel Wash
  3. Link Vibratory Bowls
  4. Clipping machine - 5.56
  5. .50 Cal Taper
  6. Blackrock Brut Trimmer parts - feed & tool holders

Let me know if anyone has any connection - worldwide.

Thank you,


Have you tried the Recent Jamieson liquidation Auction???

Doc AV
PS I am after a Universal Bond and Kistler Piezo transducers as well

Doc - Yes, I bid on a few things and did not win. My father was a bigger gambler with equipment than I am. I would rather locate the machine, secure a price and then go to the end customer. We don’t make as much money, however the risk is much lower. There was a time that we had hundreds of machines in inventory. I have fought to keep the list low and only buy when the deal is too good to pass up.