ERKA 6.35mm Box

Does anyone have information on this box.
Label looks similar to early SFM boxes.
Who made this and for who was it made for?
Is ERKA a pistol or company?

ERCA 6.35mm box
ERCA 6.35mm box a ERCA 6.35mm box b
ERCA 6.35mm box c

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Well, to start the ball rolling, I will make one of my infamous W.A.G.s about this box. For some reason, it is reminiscent to me of a Greek 6.35 box I have, shown below. The border line for the top label is the same - a Thick linein a square around the the perimeter of the box top, with a thinner line just inside it. While I don’t know what the “R” would stand for, the EK, although in a different form, mimic the Famous trademark for the Greek Powder and Cartridge Company of Athens. That could explain the “A” as well. Finally, the French language is not a problem. Note that the top label of my Greek box is in English. However, the two sides each say “Société Des Poudreries et Cartoucheries Helliniques Athènes” (Greek Powder & Cartridge Compny, Athens) in French.

My box label:

6.35mm Greek Box

My box is dated 1934 on the bottom (it includes the day “5” and the month abbreviated, but that is illegible.

I may be totally “off the wall” with this one. I repeat that it is just a guess, but one based on the use of the French language, the pure buff color box with black print, and the double border line.

John Moss