Erroneous auction description CORRECTED by seller!

Here’s a sorry sight, this seller is listing this typical old surplus VPT 9mm copper-clad steel jacket 9mm ammo as “AP” and he’s already got one bidder willing to pay $150.00 for 125 rds of this old fmj ammo.
Geees… I emailed him, no response.

I sent him an email also.

My computer translation on the box label is:
Ruostuttamaton - not rusted - non-corrosive

Uudistettu Ter

In fairness I need to post the following related to the auction DK highlighted. I received the following email from the seller.

Out of fairness to potential buyers and in spite of numerous so called experts telling us this was steel core I just couldn’t ignore your email. So my gunsmith and I cut one in half and as you already knew it was not steel core. I called a winning bidder and told him what happened and ended the auction. Thank you for caring enough to email me. We are a large dealer and a large Glock Law Enforcement distributor and got that way by being unscrupulously honest. Check us out at and again thanks for the info,


Wow, if he is a licensed gun or ammo dealer, he might also want to know that selling pistol AP ammo as defined by the 1986 law would be a felony for him if sold to civilians. For future reference anyway. At least he responded.

DK, You may want to drop him a line and thank him for the action he took, and then give him the reference just for his problem. I didn’t mention the IAA, but you may want to. I did offer to answer any ammo questions he had, or send them to someone who could answer them. Feel free to refer to me also in your email.

Helping guys like this, and letting them know that it is the IAA members who are providing the help is a good way to let people know about the IAA and that we can provide constructive help.

Thanks for pointing this out in the firstplace. I think it worked out well.