Ersatz 6mm Shotshells from Israel?

The new IAA Journal just arrived and there’s an interesting bit from the AFTE about home-made 6mm shotshells that have been reported from Israel. I would be interested to know the context in which these rounds were found. Were they made for criminal/terrorist use? Perhaps some would-be rat hunter couldn’t find or afford ammunition? Some kind of teenage feasability test?

I was also curious about that since I had assumed that guns / ammunition were not so hard to acquire in Israel that one would need to make homemade shot cartridges. Usually the AFTE reports like that are done in the context of either actual, or potential criminal use, but it certainly seems more like a varmint load.

I do recall that in the armory I ran, I had 2 or 3 really old single-shot rifles that had no ammo at all. As you state, it could be a situation like that. It would be interesting to know the specific circumstances for the pictured rounds.