Especial toro shotshell

Hi all,

Can anybody help me on these beautiful shotshells?
I bought these last week. But I have no idea about who made them or when and where.

Regards rené

W. Güttler point perhaps to Germany.

Just a guess

Hi lars,

I bought these last week in a gunshop in Germany, so I think these are not factory loaded.
I already asked a good Spanish friend and he was 100% certain it wasn’t from or for Spain.

So my thought is that it should be located somewhere in South America.
But I need the experts to get the answer.

Thanks anyway.

Hi René,

Excellent find! It was made for Hasenclever & Cía. in Buenos Aires, who used the “Toro” (Bull) for many different hardware products and also applied for the trademark. I think that the manufacturer may have been S&B Schönebeck. Below you can see a picture of a “Toro” brand box in .450:




Thank you very, very much.
What should we all do without you.