Establishing year of manufacture for Vintage Ammo

I have a box of 20 .33 caliber Winchester Center Fire Rifle cartridges with a head stamp of REM-UMC 33 CF and a U in the brass primer. I know that this round was not manufactured till 1902 but wondered if anyone knows the year this box was manufactured. The lot code on the box is 140 BU .

Hello Jim,

The label is post UMC and Remington merge (1911) and pre incorporation (1916).

Please, can you post a picture of the code?



here is the lot code on the bottom of the box

here is the front of the box

Thanks for the additional pictures. It was made on July 4, 1917 using a pre-incorporation label, that was not an unusual practice.

Thanks much for the information, where did you go to find this data? I’ve done numerous google searches to no avail. Is this box of ammo pretty rare? It was my grandfathers he was born in 1889. Lol my dad gave it to me - and he has since passed on after 88 years. Is it worth a lot of money to some collectors?