Estate Cartridge Co. Catalog

Can anyone date this Estate Cartridge catalog. It lists the Centerfire Rifle Ammunition and is before they were bought by ATK. The address is still Willis, Texas. I think it is 2005 or 2004. The date appears nowhere on the catalog.

Stupidly, I did not date my copy of this undated catalog when I acquired it - not always the year they came out, but at least offering some reference point.

I can, though, help pin it down. Firstly, it is the earliest catalog I have that has rifle ammunition in it. The little fold-over catalog given at SHOT Shows 1998 and 1999 do not show rifle rounds. Dated catalogs from 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 do not show the rifle rounds. I wasn’t able to attend SHOT 2007, and do not have a catalog for this year, but the catalog in question certainly way predates any of the mentioned dated catalogs.

This would place the date of the catalog in question somewhere between 2000 and 2002. I have what appears to be an earlier catalog, , but still a full book-like one, that is also undated, which I suspect is from the year 2000, which would reduce that time element by another year, to 2001 or 2002.

It seems the plan to produce rifle ammunition either never came to fruition, or was very short lived.

While not a complete answer, I hope this is of some help in your search to date this catalog. It is certainly not 2004 or 2005, as they are dated, and in 2003 and 2004, Estate Cartridge Company was part of ATK. In 2005, there is no mention of ATK anymore, but the company was still shown with an Anoka, MN, address. The 2004 catalog does not show an address for Estate, but the 2003 catalog mentions they had become part of ATK and that the “manufacturing plant has been relocated to Anoka, MN, where it occupies a special and separate section withint the Federal Cartridge facility.”

Thanks John. Like you, I did not notice the catalog had no printed date on it until I was looking at it today and did not date it when I got it. I think it must be 2002. I remember I got it from the Gander Mountain store and I think the store here in Lansing, MI opened in 2002.

Just looked at the ATK Annual Report dated August, 2002, which indicates they had bought Estate Cartridge Co. in 2002. So, this catalog must be 2001 or early 2002. I do not know when in 2002 ATK purchased the company. I am guessing the catalog is 2001. You would not think they would have bothered to print one in 2002 if they were being bought by ATK.

The 2002 Estate Catalog would have come out very late in 2001 or early in 2002, so if they were bought out in August 2002, even with some advance notice, they would have had a 2002 catalog. This information squares perfectly with the announcement in the 2003 catalog that ATK had acquired them, but with no ATK markings on the Catalog itself. In 2004, the back cover basically shows ATK as the company itself, on the Estate Catalog for that year. I suspect you are right on in thinking the catalog in question is a 2001 issue. Certainly that or 2002.

John–The catalog must be 2001. Here is a quote from the web site giving a history of Blount International.

In December 2001, Minneapolis-based aerospace and defense company Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) bought Blount’s Sporting Equipment Group for $235 million in stock. The “top prize” of the deal was Federal Cartridge. This operation of 1,700 employees made small-caliber ammunition and was a leader in the law enforcement market. ATK already dominated the U.S. military munitions market. [color=red]Also included in the sale were Estate Cartridge, Inc., a maker of sporting shotgun shells acquired in October 2000[/color], Simmons Outdoor Corporation, and other assets of the Sporting Equipment Division.

So, we now know Blount bought Estate in October, 2000. And ATK bought Blount in December 2001 which included Estate. So, the catalog MUST be 2001.