Estate Cartridge Inc. Metallic Centerfires

Has any one seen or have in their collection any Centerfire Metallic cartridges by Estate Cartridge, Inc. Below is a page from their 2001 catalog. It is the only year that I am aware of that pictured rifle ammunition. Presumeable the headstamp would be either “ESTATE” or “ECI”.

These cartridges DO exist. In a private communication from another collector I received a picture of the headstamps of all 7 case types. The headstamp is "ESTATE + case type"
He says that all were limited production by Federal Cartridge Co. about 2002.

Ron - will the chap give you permission to post the photographs? It would be very helpful, and I’m sure more than just I would like to see them and have them for our records.

Here are the headstamps for all the Estate Metallic cartridges.

Great picture Ron - thanks for posting it. Another good piece of Detective work by the bug man! No disrespect there - I could barely pass science courses in school. I was a near straight-A student in High School and College except for required science courses. I flunked Chemistry! I admire people who are so good in all the sciences.