Estimating cartridge values


I’m trying to estimate trade value of certain Soviet & Russian military cartridges that I have. I’m going to do some trading with French collector and need to establish fair value of what I have. All my stuff is inert (as per Russian laws), and most, I believe, is either scarce or quite rare in the West.

can I post my list here, or shall I do it in “Trade” forum? I’m not going to sell or trade this stuff here (at least for now), but need estimated values only.


Max, I would suggest you send the lists individually to a few US and European collectors first. You might get a good idea of value and demand, without upsetting too many board members who might never get a chance at the items in question.
Just my thoughts.

Agree with John 100%. It seems prices in Europe are 3-5 higher than U.S. prices for the same cartridge. I first found this out at a IAA show when dealing with European collectors about 25 yrs. ago (Chicago),and I don’t notice any change at the later SLICS shows


Charles. J. Wells (Jack)
Sgm. USA. Ret.

FWIW, I would enjoy seeing a list (information with pictures ???) of rare Soviet & Russian military cartridges.

Yes, I may never own one or even see one in person but I STILL enjoy information/pictures concerning rare/scarce cartridges. Information, no matter how minor concerning cartridges like this has value and interest.

Who knows, just maybe some forum members could then offer some opinions on values.


Thanks, gentlemen

Never say never, right? ;)
Right now my trading stock is limited, but I can find most of the interesting stuff again, although it all will be inert / deactivated.

But that’s a matter for another section of the forum or PM.

and if anyone just want some photos of the Russian / Soviet stuff (only small arms, no bigger stuff, sorry) - feel free to ask. I’m a poor photographer, but a little bit of practice will not hurt anyone.

Max - Since I am still working on my Makarov book and collection, I would love to get pictures of any scarce 9 mm Makarov rounds (profile and headstamp) for my files. I have a moderately good collection, about 650 specimens (I save every date), but I get surprised all the time by news of ones I do not even know about. If I ever get this finished, “Ammunition” will be Volume III. The text, what I know up to know on 9 x 18 ammunition, is actually finished.

You have already helped me and are so acknowledged. Any further help will, of course, be appreciated.

thank you.

for some russian calibers price in europe are very high

9x39 :250e
5.6x39 and 4.5x45 “flechettes” : up to 100e
5.45x18 :10e (but i will able to find one for 1e)
12.7x108 mdz :150e

but other are very low

14.5x114 mdz :30e
14.5x114 “z” instantaneous :30e
23x115 API :25e
23x152 HEI-T : 25e

rounds in perfect shape and live

my dream is a common 9x39 “ball” (no AP) cartridge (classified as hunting cartridge)

it strange ,can finds live auto cannon rounds but not a 9x39 in good price

You need to attend the German ECRA show then. There the prices are lower than what you described.

unfortunely i don’t had the chance to go on these ECRA meetings (i don’t had “parrainage”)
i see pictures of these and i think that i can find my dream

my dream is a common 9x39 “ball” (no AP) cartridge (classified as hunting cartridge)
These are quite scarce due to very limited production (very few guns made in that caliber for civilian market); however, some new round might be made from time to time, so there’s nothing really impossible

this 9x39 ball is called SP5 ,i think is not different than civilian rounds

I wish any type of 9x39 was easy to get a hold of here in Norway. Seems absolutely impossible to find.

this 9x39 ball is called SP5 ,i think is not different than civilian rounds[/quote]

No, the SP-5 has an iron core while the civilain is all lead core.
Also the military SP-5 is made by KSPZ only and has no hs while civilian ones (also by KSPZ) have headstamps - that would also qualify them for LE/MIA use in Russia but are not observed in this configuration.
I am uncertain if the SP-5 is still made as TPZ entered the market with the SPP which is basically a sniper AP.

[quote=“EOD”]You need to attend the German ECRA show then. There the prices are lower than what you described.[/quote]

I have seen inert 9x39 Rounds being sold by a European dealer at a militaria show in the UK. The price was £30 GBP per cartridge. Much lower than €250.

250E is for a live specimen not an inert one