Ethiopian 7.62x51mm

In addition to the Ethiopian 30-06 discussed elsewhere, 7.62x51mm has also be imported into the US. The plain unmarked white boxes contained a mixture of three headstamps. Cases are Berdan primed, bullets are GMCS. The can appears to be dated 1966 - can anyone identify who made it?


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Dave, thanks for these interesting images! Did you compare these to the S&B cartridges of this time? The PA looks very similar.
Maybe their machinery and supplies came from Czechoslovakia?

There are also 7.62x39 with similar headstamps whcih I so far suspected to be Ethiopian but there was no big proof to it other than the PA color.
HS is:
12h: AM
3h: 7
6h: 88
9h: *

And then there is a 7.62x54R with hs:
12h: AM
6h: 02

Also I found that the Ethiopian 7.62x39 packing is in boxes in a 2 rows of 10 cartridges. These we know typically from Czechoslovakia and still today from S&B.

And it seems at some point they have stopped using headstamps. Or at least on those cartridges for export as those are shwoing up in the hands of all sort of armed groups of which we would want not even having sticks.

To my understanding all their SAA is made by Homicho (as per appearance).

Interesting how the star style changed with the “M” rounds. The .30-06 headstamp shares the 6-pointed stars. I also noticed that the Nato rounds have a smooth cannelure on the bullet at the case mouth, while it is knurled on the '06.

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The can is British.

Hi Dave, great pictures, thanks for sharing! I posted some information on the Ethiopian 7.62x51 in the .30-06 thread started by Jon: