Ethiopian 8 x 57 Mauser ammo, Examined in depth


Link: December 6, 2018 (if link doesn’t open)
Ian McCollum examines a case of surplus Ethiopian 8 mm Mauser ammo. Date on wooden box and on cardboard packets is 1947, headstamp is 1955. He fires 15 rounds for velocity, pulls bullets, discusses composition of cartridge case and bullet construction, and generally presents a great deal of information on this cartridge being imported by Century Arms. He mentions it was made in Addis Abba with advice and help from Czechs.


Yes, the Czech influence is evident in the ammo crate
Inner liner…steel wire RIP top opening.
The German- Czech influence in cartridge packaging…
15 round loose pack, 300 round battle pack…20 packets, and 1500 rounds ( 5 Battle packs) per can/case.
Strangely, only the central pack has the web cotton strap for easy removal from the can…German /Czech
Tragepak had a tape and buckle on all of them, for ease of individual carry.
Finally, the NCS and GMCS bullets…the Nickel ones are typical Czech postwar production, and the GMCS Are probably Ethiopian production.
As to the discrepancy of dates…could there be recycling of both packets packets and crates?? Or is the 1947 a Model date, as the -Vz47 post-war Czech 7.92 loading?? More likely a cartridge adoption or model date.

Doc AV


Czech influence? :-)

Considering Považské Strojárne of Czechoslovakia built the ammunition plant in Addis Ababa in the late 1940s I suppose you could say there was some Czech influence!