Eugene (Gene) Scranton UPDATE 16 Nov 2012

Today we went down to Tucson, to do some work at Bill Woodin’s and asked for an update on Gene Scranton. After going back and forth from the rehab center to the hospital, and back again, he finally was able to return to his apartment…

Bill and Beth, though happy that he is back at familiar surroundings, there is the issue of his weakness and poor health. Of course Gene has lost his independence and must have “care givers”, “Meals-on-Wheels”, and “at home medical applications”. Being set in his ways, co-operation is somewhat lacking.

Frances and I went by his apartment after we left Woodin’s, but found him asleep…

So, if you find that you have an extra stamp and a Christmas card, a great place to send it would be to Gene.

E.L. Scranton
6201 E. Pima Street #73
Tucson, AZ 85712

(phone) 520-867-8405