Eurometall .50 cal ball with extra smooth cannelure

hs: EMZ A .50 75
Found the round in the Fuchs reference (What a resource!). But this one has an extra, smooth cannelure above the ‘real’ one, used for crimping in the bullet. It is rather shallow -almost the same as the ‘real’ one- approx 1,3 mm wide and sits 3 mm above the other.
I know knurled extra cannelures on tracer projectiles for 7,62 and 5,56 mm but have never seen one on a .50 cal.
Does it have any significance or is it just a manufacturing artifact?


Hi Søren,

This smooth cannelure in the bullet are quite common on 12,7mm cartridges made by Eurometaal. As far as I know, this cannelure does not have a special relevance. I’ve seen them on ball, API and an experimental APIT-IR cartridges.

However, Eurometaal also manufactured 12,7mm API-HC cartridges (type Z1-R17) with a tungsten carbide core and a silver painted tip. One can distinguish them from regular M8 API by two smooth cannelures in the bullet, one mm apart. The regular M8 API only has one cannelure.


OK, since there’s no trace of any silver paint, I’ll file it as a ball round.
Thanks for info.


Eurometaal is long gone, but a few years ago, we had the opportunity to see some of the old production machines at work. A few machines, along with some Eurometaal .50 components were taken over by a Dutch company which produces small series for test purposes now and then. The cases still have the EMZ headstamp, the bullets are unmarked FMJ with the double cannelure.