European .45 Colt

Are there any companies besides Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic and Fiocchi, LCM and NTW in Italy that load the .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt) cartridge?

Ron, at one point Hirtenberg in Austria had made them. Don’t know if they still do or not. M. Rea

M.Rea–Yes, I have the single round from HP, but I looked at their website yesterday and did not see the .45 Colt listed anymore. In fact, I could only find a website for HP’s military ammunition, nothing for Sporting ammunition.


HP exists in name only (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11783). RUAG bought name and equipment was sold off as I understand it. Not a surprise it’s sporting lines disappeared.


There would be only a small market for .45LC within Europe so its only likely to be made for export by those companies that make for the American market. The only other one that might is PPU.

are you sure about Fiocchi 45 Colt production? Never seen this cartridge in their catalogs, at least in Italy.
Does Fiocchi USA offer this ammo?

Pivi–Yes, I’m positive. I have the cartridge in my collection. The headstamp is “G.F.L. 45 COLT”. It has a 250gr. Black Polymer Coated Flat Nosed Truncated bullet, brass case, flat nickle primer. Mine came from a Herters Brand box. It could be Fiocchi, USA. I don’t own the box so I don’t know if it said “Made in Italy” or “Made in USA”.

I do have this box image in my files.

They should be a product of Fiocchi USA. I couldn’t trace this cartridge in any known italian Fiocchi catalog

Pivi–I would agree that at least the box I posted is most likely a Fiocchi USA loading. It has the “SASS”(Single Action Shooting Society) emblem on it which I doubt would be used on Italian made boxes.

I don’t know about the Herters box, but it is most likely a Fiocchi USA product also.

It is possible that the empty brass was made in Italy and shipped to Fiocchi USA for loading.

Pivi–I just checked the Fiocchi USA website and the Cowboy .45 Colt is listed as a new product for 2011. I also checked the Fiocchi Italy website and, as you said, it is not listed there.

I don’t know if the cases are mede here.

On the italian website no 45 colt cases are available as components for handloaders

There is no reason that the SASS emblem could not be on a Fiocchi-Italy box if they made the
ammo (obviously, they did not in this case). Italy has a very active contingent of Cowboy Action Shooters and holds matches. Even some American shooters attend. I don’t know off hand any of the special rules applying to the guns, calibers, etc. that they use, but I am sure
they are more restrictive than in most states in the USA.

There are actually quite a number of active CAS clubs in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. Enough that they receive coverage often in the “Cowboy Chronicles,” the official printed publication of SASS.

I was pround to have been gifted a badge of the Jarrahdale Rangers, a CAS branch of the Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters of Western Australia, by one of their “cowboys” who visited our local club and shot in our match. Great guy, as would be expected from those from the Land of Oz.

Pivi, John, etc.–Guess what. I wrote emails to the 3 Italian companies (NTW, LCM and Fiocchi, Italy) and S&B and over 20 U.S. companies, including Fiocchi, USA, all of whom I knew sold .45 Colt ammo. That was all on 14 Dec. So far I have received emails from 3 companies (HSM, Goax, & Buffalo Big Bore) saying they would send me sample boxes. In fact, I heard from HSM in less than 10 minutes after I sent my email!!! Anyway, and the main reason for this new post, is that the first box to arrive in my mail today was from the one company, because of their size, that I least expected to receive boxes from: Fiocchi, USA. I now have the box pictured earlier in this thread. The strange part is that no where on the box is there a “Warning: Keep out of the Hands of Children” label in English, which I thought was a Federal law that it had to be there. This leads me to wonder just what market Fiocchi, USA is making this round for. The only thing that resembles the “Warning” is on the side panel in what i think is Spanish, but might be Italian. Can anyone translate at least the first line? Every thing else on the box is in English, including a Use Warning and Lead Warning on the back panel. One other interesting thing is that it says “Assembled in the U.S.A.” not Made. Again leading me to wonder if the cases came from Fiocchi-Italy.

Ron, that’s french

I think that it says ( more or less, Jeanpierre can correct me)

50 cartridges, keep out of reach of children

Before loading the gun be sure there is no obstruction in the barrell
Be sure that your weapon is in good condition and made for modern cartridges.
If you don’t take these precautions an accident may occur

Pivi–Thank you for the translation. I wonder why the French panel on the side of box when the rest is in English.