European 9x19mm Cutaways

European 9x19mm sections
MEN/17 - SP
MEN/09A0532 - PTP/s
MEN/02 - QD-PEP/s, 91gr
MEN/04F0501 - SR (missing its friend)
MEN/98-7 - QDI/s, 89gr

All DAG, first is a GECO Blitz Action Trauma Action 1 Type one without the whole in the tip
SX/88 - A3
SX/390 - A3
SR/06E0811 - A4
SX/03B0802 - A5
SX/05B0870 - Sintox Penetrator?

All from THUN
T/13 SX Sintox Penetrator
T/02F2 - P SELF 99gr for police testing and training
T/011 - P SeCa 99gr police use
MFT/84 Plastic Frangible "Cartuccia M41"
Forth picture is a double to help show the two piece construction of the middle projectiles, my picture lighting sucks!

Wow! absolutely awesome.

Thanks! Great pics. I was just looking for a PTP cutaway!


VERY nice!!

Action-3 from 1988 was an experimental lot. The brown caps were rejected because of the stench they made after firing. It smelled like teargas.
The first lot of Action-3 that was officially accepted and used as duty ammo by the Dutch civil policeforces was headstamped : DAG SX A 91 9x19A3

Beautifully done! as always its a real pleasure to see your cutaways, thank you

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. -Ger

I realllllllly need to get off my butt and send you a box of cartridges and a wad of cash. Outstanding stuff as always