European BAN for assault weapons proposed

Signed and comment added! We all need to stick together!!

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Signed the petition.

In 60 years of being in the fight against the infringement of the right to private ownership of firearms, I have signed literally hundreds of petitions. I cannot, off hand, recall of a single one that was given any consideration by the politicians trying to impose their desire for more power over the people. That is not to say that every one of those efforts succeeded,but simply that the petitions were not any deciding factor.

Should they have been? Of course, by any measure of free society an expression of the will of the people should be given high value in decisions. But, I can’t think, off hand, of any country, especially currently, where the government in power gives a damn about the opinion of the people they seek to oppress.

If too political, feel free to delete. I don’t consider it political because all politicians are basically the same, despite their mutterings to the contrary.

I signed the petition, any signatures should help. -Ger

This could also be helpful … anguage=en

There is now a mountain of stuff on the UK shooting forums with most of the UK Shooting Assns issuing warnings and statements but still nobody really knows and its all still very nebulous.

However a couple of undefined references to ‘collectors’ in the proposals could prove worrying

plus a proposal for compulsary medicals before licencing! How bizarre is that? Is there a blood test for terrorism? do you lose your licence if your colesterol is too high?

This has potential to affect a lot of shooters in the UK as well.

While centrefire semi-automatic rifles are illegal here, .22LR are still legal (for now). As the proposed law says “semi automatic rifles that resemble weapons with automatic mechanisms will be prohibited”. This could include .22LR semi-autos I would also like to know how they define “resemble” would this mean mechanically or simply aesthetically?

I believe the S&W M&P 15-22 is becoming popular in the UK recently. This ban would likely affect that firearm. Although mechanically it is very different from an actual M16, it still looks like one on the outside.

There are also the “straight pull” AR15 lookalikes which fire centrefire ammunition, but are actually bolt-action in that the charging handle has to be manually operated after each shot. Although these are manually operated, they still “resemble firearms with automatic mechanisms”.

This could also affect semi-auto shotguns, as it is not clear if these will be included.

UK will be like us, only worse.

In Australia, ALL semi automatic weapons, including 22s, are banned and were purchased and destroyed in John Howard’s buy back. (my 03 and 63 Winchesters, sob). The only owners permitted are farmers, and some other specialists, if they can get a permit.

The politicians will take delight in using the recent developments in France to remove all weapons from anybody, except criminals and terrorists!! I cannot see how they can be so blind to the dangers which lie in wait for them also,

The politicians will take delight in using the recent developments in France to remove all weapons from anybody, except criminals and terrorists!! I cannot see how they can be so blind to the dangers which lie in wait for them also,[/quote]

You may not forget that a betrayed & armed citizen is also a danger and compared to terrorists a majority then. So in fact all “pretending democracies” (most European and in particular Germany) do not want armed citizen.
Taking cheap reasons (as sad they may be) for an excuse was never a problem for our crook politicians.

Pulling the discussion back onto an ammo collecting theme I am most concerned about vague references to collecting and deactivation.

If past experience is anything to go by, vague expressions lead to ‘interpretation creep’ where nothing is clearly legal or illegal and people are afraid to risk it.

I know I have mentioned this before but the case of Mick Shepperd in the UK frightened a lot of people

I have been paying an annual subscription to ECRA for more than thirty five years - can I rest assured that the representatives of ECRA will be putting forward a strong case to prevent any proposed changes affecting its members? Does anybody know whether ECRA are intending to stand up on our behalf?

Realistically, what could they do? I know that in an ideal world the truth has some influence but the EU comprises of faceless officialdom at its worst. I very much doubt there is a mechanism by which the ECRA could stand up on our behalf.

I guess you’re right Vince…