European brilliant proposal


This epic proposal came from the European Economic and Social Committee, now discussing about the “dangerous” weapons legally owned by eruopean citizens


Sounds like California - equally hare-brained. Isn’t it wonderful when ignorant people try to legislate subjects they know nothing about? Not confined to Europe - in my own country, that has become the norm at everally level of government.


Another bunch of wuzzies who think they can save the world by lasering bullets and cases with an ID-number.


Proof for politicians being immune to any kind of expert advise.


The EESC consists of appointed representatives of workers unions, employers unions and some special interest groups like environmental and consumers groups. These people have no understanding of guns and ammunition whatsoever, the idiotic document they produced reflects that.


NYS abandoned their attempt to maintain a database of cartridge cases. The CoBIS (Combined Ballistics Identification System). It cost nearly 4million $ /year to maintain and not ONE single crime was solved in the 12 years of its existance. The law was not repealed however. It was simply defunded. I believe Maryland had a similar bit of foolish legislation but they have also abandoned it. I can see the people with illegal guns lining up to have their firearms and ammo put in the database. Lunacy…


They should put a marketing voice capsule in to each bullet, and upon impact it would say…Thank you for choosing " Winchester"…wouldn’t that be great to hear when getting shot…lol…Ooops I should not have said anything, maybe the feds will see this and put this in to effect…


very funny cartridgecorner, & actually not a bad idea, as I need more variations to collect…

Don’t get me started on the utter stupidity of these politicians & bean counters. Tried it in Calif. & failed but keeps trying to be resurrected, however that was micro stamping firing pins.


Pete - California also experimented with serial-numbering a bullet multiple times on the base (I assume in case the base of the recovered bullet was partially mutilated). With the millions of rounds of ammo produced, can’t you just picture how long those numbers would become? Idiotic, of course.

I sometimes think these laws are made by states to shrink the number of models of firearms sold in their states, since many companies opt to simply no longer ship firearms into them, rather than comply with such ridiculous, do-nothing, idiotic laws. It is quite amazing to see, in gun shops that sell to LE, the number of pistols in their show cases that are “LE purchase only” as opposed to the much lesser amount available to the public.

Oh, what a world we live in! The crooks and lunatics are in charge of the prison and asylum, it seems.

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Why don’t we try throwing the bad guys in prison and throwing away the key???


Since at the moment any criminal, smuggler or terrorist can wander in and out of the EU at will by pretending to be a refugee wouldn’t it be better to stop them coming in with stricter border controls and then we wouldn’t have to worry about what guns they are bringing with them? At the very least they should be searched, photographed, fingerprinted and DNA-ed but they don’t even do that.

Simple solutions work best, they wouldn’t need databases of guns if they had proper databases of people. I’m betting all the guns used in recent incidents were smuggled in so would bypass the present proposals.


This article was from last October. I’m sure this is one of many.


Equally telling, and stupid, to me is the notion by well-meaning head-in-the-sand protestors and their bureaucrat employers that
somehow these regulations will help police.

They will NOT. I’ve beein chasing bad guys for the better part of 20 years now, and I’ve never seen a case personally where this would’ve helped.
You’d need exemplars for comparision, which means you’ve recovered the gun and ammunition already. Most shootings (and other crimes) worldwide are by
folks who know each other. Add to this the overwhelming amount of extant ‘unmarked’ ammunition and components, and the futility and/or waste
of such laws should be obvious.

This is thinly veiled prohibition-by-regulation, nothing more. All this does is make me buy more ammunition.


A more serious problem for European collectors is a proposal that people should only be able to possess ammunition for use in the guns which they own.

I don’t possess any guns at the moment but I’d have to buy thousands of them to meet that requirement, some of them only existing in museums.

Discussions are taking place…


Tony, I love it !!! I spent my working life in or associated with the US (and other) Military, and have my large sack of this kind of stupidity stories.

The best response I have seen is to ask what the expected outcome??? In this case the answer is to prevent a person from causing serious injury to someone. If a person doesn’t own the gun, this outcome is as unlikely as a person who owns a car key, but no car, using the key to run over someone.

The sad truth is that a lot of people on this earth have brains that aren’t wired to think in terms of desired outcomes. Our problem is that many of these people like to think about guns and ammunition.

I just saw a bit on the news this morning about a Canadian tourist in Yellowstone National Park who saw a baby bison alone and decided it needed saving. He got it into the back of his car and took it to a Ranger. Because the baby now smelled like a human, the wild bison would not accept the baby back in the herd and as it got hungry it began hanging our on the road and campgrounds begging. The Rangers had to take it away. Since it was wild, it couldn’t be released into a domestic heard herd for a lot of reasons, including the potential of passing on disease, so it was put down. Not what the tourist intended when he didn’t consider outcomes. He is now facing potential criminal charges.



The problem is that most people do confuse opinions with knowledge.
And way too many people love to talk about things they know nothing about BUT have an opinion! Not to mention those people with “instant TV knowledge” on almost any subject.
And here the problems start…