European Fuze Identification

Hi everyone!
I have this very damaged fuze that I’ve found in a locality in northern Italy. It reports the incisions “8 cm” and “M14” that I think are the caliber and the model, but there is another incision I don’t know.
So does anybody know what the incision “185 E16” on this fuze mean?
I’d like also to know the year and the manufacturer country.
Can anybody help me?

Thank you for every reply!

This should be an Austrian M14 fuze for the 8cm shrapnel.
But I am missing the docs for it right now. Will digg a bit and come back if I find better info.

Thank you @EOD, hope you’ll help me to solve the mistery of the unknown incision!

Ok, for now this is all. I asked back to one of the leadeing experts in this area and was told that we are indeed missing the exact diagram for the M14 fuze whcih should be identical with the later M17 type.

Can you post a picture of the caliber and model markings?

Here it is @Fede!
It is barely readable but it reports 8 cm and M14.
The cap is missing and the ring is graduated from 6 to 71. Near the 6 it is reported the letter V and a piece of a K like in the Austro-Hungarian fuzes, so I think @EOD is right.
If it were like in the WWI German fuzes the incision 185 E 16 should maybe represent respectively the manifacturing lot number, the mark of the manifacturing company, and the year of manifacturing.

If “E” is the manufacturer it could be “Enzessfeld” and 16 could be the year. The 185 would be the lot.
Just my interpretation.

Alex, do you have a reference mentioning a M14 fuze for a 8 cm shell?

Fede, only as per the markings here and confirmation by a friend who is researching pre 1919 ammo as his special field.

As said we are missing the docs on the M14 fuze.

Thanks. Here is another picture of the markings, for comparison.


Yes it’s the same @Fede!
Do you have an entire picture of that fuze?

Picture belongs to irod

Here you can see the fuze in a loaded round:
Photos by “silent knight”



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That’s a pity @Fede, it misses the lower part with the incision to make a comparison, but the fuze is exactly the same! While the one posted by @bdgreen is slightly different from the one of mine, however it’s interesting that the letters of the incision reports ENZ! @EOD why do you think E stands for Enzesfeld, do you have a reference of some sort? I didn’t find anything about that!
On the “Notes on Austro-Hungarian fuzes (1917)” ( I’ve found this picture of a M8 double effect fuze with a similar incision (23 W 15)… Unfortunately it isn’t explained!

Thank you all

On the same manual I’ve found this scheme for the M14 double effect fuze; it differs from the one of mine only for the caliber.

“E” for probably being Enzessfeld was only a suspicion.
“ENZ” definately is Enzessfeld.

Yes, I agree with you! Thank you for the help.
Do you have any idea what the W on the M8 fuze in my picture could mean?

“W” could be Wöllersdorf, but again this is a suspicion only.