Evansville? 105x372R Howitzer case

I got this case this morning at a junk sale for

Hi Falcon,

From TM 9-1901, 1944
Two distinct types of 105-mm howitzer are now in use The M2 , M2A1 , and M4 type and the M3 type. The M2 and M2A1 are the basic models making up the traditionel light field howitzer mounted on split-trail type carriage. These models also are used as assault artillery by the armoured forces. The M4 Howitzer is mounted in the medium tanks. The M3 is basically of the same design, being a stripped-down and shortned ight-weight M2A1 Howitzer for infantery and air-borne service. Exept that ammunition for the M3 model has a smaller quicker-burning propelling charge, rounds provided for the 105-mm howitzers are alike.

My question:
Has anyone ever seen a Type II case?
This case is for the early HE ,AT cartridge only.But I never saw one .