Every single American pinfire shotshell ever made!


Ha… well, there are only two. (Not including ones made in other countries for American retailers, like V. L. & D, etc)

Here is the 10g and 12g pinfire shotshells made by C. D. Leet. The three 10g ones are variations. The first one has a different cap inside and much smaller rim, the next two are obviously different heights. The fourth is the seemingly immensely rare 12g version. There are very very few known. This one appears to have the 12 double stamped (which means there is still a non-double-stamped one to find!)

Additionally, UMC made an experimental 16g pinfire shotshell in 1887, but none are known to exist, and they were never sold.


Well I’m happy to see something else famous from Springfield, MA…I thought I was the only thing!


Charles Leet is long dead, you are the only one now!


Close-up of the caps:



Interesting subject and great photographs.

Any idea/guess as to why a larger cap was used in one casing while smaller caps were used in the other three casings? Were these marketed in 100 count boxes or otherwise?




No idea. I just sent a picture of these to Paul Molans and asked him about the caps. Maybe he can tell something from this view of them.

I suspect the one on the left may be slightly earlier?

As for how they were packaged, I have absolutely no idea.


How did you take such close primer photos so deep inside? Is it just digital magnification?


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for sharing them.
Another one to look for.
Regards rené


for whatever it is worth, my 10 has the oversize cap too, with the same sort of striations and a .862" rim dia.


Vlad, I use my 100mm macro lens, and just focus on that point. At this focal distance only about a couple millimeters are in focus. Here is what it looks like straight out of the camera:

The blackness on the right is my light that is shining inside the cartridge.

And it is not zoomed in at all, just the optical magnification. The picture of the caps is the actual size of the images. which is probably about 3x - 5x magnified or so at this focal distance.

Same thing here. You will notice that only the headstamp is in focus, and the rest of the cartridge is not:

Then on the profile view, I have the cartridges set back further, so they are not as magnified, but get the whole cartridge in focus.