Evolution of Bakelite Fuze Body for 60MM Projectile?

My late mother’s collection from her days as a typist for either the quality assurance department or the production engineering branch at Picatinny Arsenal includes what looks to be evolution of the bakelite(?) fuze housing for the 60mm mortar projectile. No expert here, but it appears that the aluminum housing was being replaced at first with a bakelite and brass composite and then with an all-bakelite housing.



That’s pretty cool to see!

My condolence on the loss of your, Mother, may her memory be a blessing. She had a very interesting job. Super neat seeing the design evolution on this 60mm mortar fuze. Love learning about developmental history like this.


Purely speculation on design evolution. But given the job she had, I can envision a box alongside her desk filling up with the fuzes one after the other as the reports were set down on her desk to be typed. And the ordnance engineers did a fine job too, because that aluminum fuze body looks costly in every respect.

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