Evolution of Speer Gold Dot boxes

Today I received a new style box of Speer Gold Dot in .380 auto, and it occurred to me to do a lineup of the earlier versions that Speer has done. There were a couple other oddballs using the old blue plastic cases, or CCI Blazer boxes which had Gold Dot loadings, but these are the common branded box types anyway. Oldest is on the left, newest / current is on the right

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Speer also sold brass cased Gold Dot ammunition in 50 round boxes as LAWMAN ammunition. I’ve seen them in 9 MM and .45 acp with several bullet weights in each caliber. The boxes are white cardboard with black printing, and have a milky white plastic tray. Interestingly, the .45 acp Gold Dot bullets originally had eight segments, then only six, and currently .45 acp and .45 Colt Gold Dot bullets have seven segments. Go figure.

Just for the gallery.This is my Lawman box. Unknown content.