EXcaliber Wax Inc-9x19mm

Back in the late 1960 or so, there was a small company in Ohio that was making reloadable cases modified to use a shotshell primer and wax bullets. I was digging through my storeroom looking for something and found a pack I bought about 40 years ago.

I know they made quite a few different calibers. I suspect some of you have seen the modified cases or the loaded rounds in various calibers. I don’t know if he used other color wax then blue.

I suspect that others have done similar rounds. If you know of others, please post.


.45 Colt shells that take a #209 primer and fire a wax slug are very common in quick draw competition.


Any idea who makes them???


As far as I can tell the Cowboy Fast Draw Association is the only place you can buy the shells:

Link to web store

However, a lot of clubs will make their own. They’re Kinda neat because they need no tools to reload.

Are these intended to be fired at another person or a target during fast-draw competitons?

I would think that the potential for a full power metal bulleted round being accidentally loaded would be too great if used in a duel type scenario.

Fast draw is always against a target, NOT for use in duels. A lot of participants actually use a “skid plate” underneath their holster in the event of an early discharge upon drawing.

Here’s a link to typical equipment:

Lew, this company started making bullets in late 1981, when it was located in Bensenville, Illinois. In 1984, they established their company in Ohio (EXcaliber Wax, Inc.). Below you can see a picture of a box (they also supplied reamed cases):


Those are .38 Special reamed cases with wax bullets made by Spitfire Wax Bullets in Vista, California.



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