Excavated Pinfire Cartridges

Hi everyone. I have got this unmarked 12x15 Pin fire excavated from the Paraguayan war (1865-1870).

Any clue about its manufacturer?

Maybe European?

I know there is very little information on the cartridges used in that war.

But maybe someone has seen this cartridge before

Thanks for your help


Hard to tell but it almost looks like a raised headstamp undeneath the pin,
but I can’t quite make it out.

I’m sorry Pete but it’s completely without marks.

Odd looking projectile !!!


It looks similar to the early Gevelot cartridges. However the pin hole looks drilled rather than punched and all my Gevelot ones are punched. All of my Spanish ones however are drilled.

Can you give the exact dimensions of the case and the bullet (from the top to where it would normally be seated in the bullet)

Also, can you take a better picture of the base with a little more light? Maybe from just a little further away if your camera can’t focus this close. (and then don’t crop it or reduce the size or anything)

Aaron, thanks for replying. I attach the best photos of the cartridge, without reducing size.
The total length of the cartridge is: 27.4 mm, the length of the case is: 14.7 mm, groove in the bullet: 2 mm