Exotic pistol caliber pics & info . please post!

How about a post of odd ball exotic pistol caliber ammo pics and info.

Add any pic and any info that fits…Thanks

Omnishocks,cyclones,glaser blacks,beehive,velex,thunder zap,safestop,magsafe agent,last gasp,whatever it is post a pic and info you may have about it.

Here is a few to kick it off…

.380acp ktw & original box

fxlabs unicorn ap 45acp

snail ap rounds

very early US import and repack of the gas/bat 9mm

original 1970s valet exploding bullet ad from sof.

the black bat/gas ??? 9mm

Plastic-cased .38 Special

Also plastic-cased .38 Special, but these were reloadable with a hand tool.

Hornady Vector…a 9mm “Tracer” with no phosphorus. Safe to shoot outdoors, even into full cans of gasoline (I have their video demonstrating this). There is no color tip on the bullets, nor special headstamp.

How did those hornady Vector rounds produce the trace?


Very interesting items. However, having this many neat items in a single thread will lead to confusion about what replies refer to which of the items.
I am going to lock this thread, and ask that each of the items above (or a smaller group of items that are very closely related) be posted in new threads. This will make the info much easier to find and use in the future.

Looking forward to learning more about all of these!
Thanks for your cooperation.