Exotic US commercial (custom?) 9x19 loads - pix


A pal sent some pics of these type rounds to me asking if these are real or “computer fakes” ? They look real to me but “computer enhanced”.

Anyone know ?


I have no clue, but they are interesting. Maybe someone is making "Bullet Jewelry? I am very curious myself.


Well, think I have seen people carrying them in their belts on CSD.


cobb - is your buddy in Indiana by any chance? Those photos look very familiar!



These pics were posted here before (I think it was here anyway). It was said that they were real.


Pal is from new york…real ?? any info ?


Yes pics of these were posted on the old forum, and IIRC Lew Curtis is the man to ask as he knows the history of them. Going strictly from memory I believe Lew said a fellow had made them as something of a hobby.


I have some of these. Made by a guy with a funny and unclear background who knew a lot about ammo. Lived way out west and was only a pseudo collector. Never an IAA member. He went over to Iraq in some kind of job-had that kind of background apparently- about 2+ years ago, and than disappeared. He has been declared dead and his stuff—lots of exotics—some he made and some are real exotic experimentals—his real interest, have been disposed of but I don’t know where. They are legit in that they exist and I don’t believe they were made for collectors. I got mine for very simple trades. I never knew his name, only his email handle and email address. I sent the ammo to a third party who forwarded it to him!!! Now you know what I know, but the ones I have look just like the ones in the photo, in fact I think a couple of mine are the items in the photo!!!
Very little help I know but there it is… Lew


Thank you ! VERY INTERESTING ! I thought they were real rounds but were colored on a computer.

Are they just regular type rounds or are they AP,some have that look.