Experimental .38 Colt Super Auto by FLB

Unknown quantity handmade at F

Fede - thanks for posting this. Another one for the list of headstamps in this caliber. Maybe one of these days if I get time I will do any update of a mini-article I did for the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association on the .38 ACP and .38 Super, in reply to something that had been posted there on it. It was years ago.

For some reason, many collector’s don’t show much interest in this caliber, but I like it very much. There are lots of nice variations and good headstamps in it.

It is hard to tell - does your round have a proper rim diameter for the original .38 Super cartridge, or is it actually the .38 Super rimless cartridge?
(.400 - .407" for the true Colt .38 ACP).

Still another round to look for!

Measurements of this case are far from .38 Super specifications but it’s not a .38 Super Rimless.

Case lenght: 22,67-22,68

Rim diameter: 9,92-9,93

Head diameter: 9,56-9,57

Neck diameter: 9,54-9,56