40MM Projectiles

I recently purchased a nice assortment of experimental 25MM, 30MM, 35MM and 40MM INERT items. The only information I have on them is that they were made by PATEC. Figured I would post some pics in case others may be interested in seeing them. If anyone has any information about them I would love to learn it.


Not sure if this is the matching case, but both projectiles came with these cases.

I have a different experimental 40mm: in the pics below (from the Ammunition Photo Gallery on my website), it is shown in a Bofors case and also taken apart.


Thanks so much for posting those photos Tony. Much appreciated! I go to your web site all the time. Mostly to look at the IMI 60MM round, one of my all time favs :-) Your 40 looks very similar to the 2 I just got. Still slightly different, mostly in the sabot design. The 2 I have are also similar but one seems to have slightly longer sabot petals. The internal penetrators are identical in size and shape.