Experimental all-plastic 12-gauge


I used to know what this was, about 15 years ago. But now my old brain can’t remember. I think it’s fairly well known and may be by Winchester. Help, please.


Lage Patent


Pete; That was exactly what I needed. A quick search of “Lage” at FreePatentsOnline brought up U.S. patent #4,233,903, November 18, 1980, by Federick A. Lage of Gladbrook, Iowa with drawings and everything else you would want to know about this strange shotshell. Thanks!


Mel, it was made by Farmer Bros. Mfg. Co./Lage Uniwad Co., the same company that made the Uniwad, a shotshell plastic wad well known to reloaders; in fact, you can see an example of the Uniwad inside the case.

Also, there is a variant having a base with 8 cavities instead of 12.