Experimental APFSDS, APDS, TPDS, Flechette Stuff For TRADE

I have this group of experimental items from PATEC available for trade only if anyone has any cool large bore tank fired discarding sabot items.


This group consists of 40mm, 35mm, 30mm & 25mm items. The 40mm is a really neat APDS that I sectioned the projectile.

Interesting 30mm projectile (Not DS)

TPDS and APDS projectiles with a unusual nylon type nose cone. Also a detail of the different experimental APFSDS sub-projectile finn assemblies. Some are pretty wild.

A bunch of different experimental APFSDS Sub-projectiles with wild finn designs.

40mm APDS inert sectioned round and 2 really crazy looking 35mm projectiles. These 2 each have a base assembly that unscrews. I am guessing that their was some type of inner core but it is not present in these 35mm projectiles.