Experimental Chinese RPG-7 warhead?

This thing I came across on Ebay, and is an inert example listed from China. Would this be some Chinese or Russian thermobaric or gas-discharger sort of thing? The listing is vague.

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The seller is a good seller, he has had some weird stuff over the years. One thing I have noticed, the Chinese military has some odd ordnance and usually there is little to no information to be found on most of it. So it could be a real experimental item or it could be a put together item. Always keep in mind that sometimes this stuff can be fantasy peices, made out of non ordnance parts to complete the item for higher resale value. So always go into buys like this with a healthy dose of scepticism. But it does have resemblance to other therombaric rounds and some of the new updated designs from Russia and Bulgaria. The Chinese are notorious for copying ordnance, pretty much like everything else, so anything is possible.

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Interesting that you can sell these, but list a box of 7.62 Argentine Mauser UN-primed brass, and you get locked out and your listing pulled in minutes, and they treat you like a mas mass murderer- it happened to me!

Fantasy, I don’t know, but parts, probably. Note that the motor appears to be functioned (loss of paint near the nozzles and wear to the fins) but there is no denting or apparent impact damage on the warhead.

Yes the seller is certainly a good guy, he’s had some very odd items over the years most likely not seen outside China. I doubt it is a fake / made up item if he is selling it, but he may also have little information on it as well.