Experimental Electric Primed .50 cal (12,7x99) DAG 80

I’m looking for information on the experimental electric primed DAG 80 headstamped .50 cal tracer. In particular can someone explain how the electric primer functions, and what weapon this was developed for.

The only information I have comes from The Reference Book On .50 Cal BMG (12.7 x 99 MM) CARTRIDGES THEIR VARIATIONS, AND OTHER RELATED CARTRIDGES AND ITEMS by RON C. FUCHS & RON J. FUCHS
Section 119.1 GERMANY (65 AI AF .50 thru EMZ 84) has this entry;
DAG 80 Tracer red tip nv no b/pl 0753
Xpmtl electric primed, milled primer pckt w/zinc steel insert, w/2 pc brass primer, difficult to read numbers in HS because most of the characters are cut off by the steel insert, but it appears to be “DAG 80”






It might be well for a subcaliber barrel of a tank gun (often electrically primed). Unfortunately I have no other details.
There was also a plastic training tracer with electrical primer also made by DAG.

Argentina also made electrically primed .50, maybe Fede can elaborate on this?

In 1985 Argentina developed two different subcaliber units for tanks, one designated “Modelo F” for Saurer-Werk SK-105 Kürassier, AMX-13 and Sherman “Repotenciado” (all armed with 105 mm L.44 cannons) which used standard percussion primed ammunition and one designated “Modelo T” for TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano) armed with a 105 mm FMK.4 Mod.1L cannon and using locally produced electric primed ammunition. Ball, AP and tracer loadings were made with electric primers and to avoid confusion with normal ammunition these were identified by means of a case body stenciled and/or a white painted “ELEC ELEC” over the headstamp and a white tip (AP only). Germany and France had earlier developments of electric primed ammunition for tubes, and also the States also made several variations but I’ve no information that any of these was made for tank subcalibers.


This is one of the latest produced rounds (December 1997). Note that any case available was used -like this one dated 1973- because .50 ammunition was no longer manufactured after 1985.

Interesting information indeed. Thank you.

Fede, thanks, was there also a black over white (or the other way round?) tip used in Argentina?

Alex, yes, there are electric primed AP rounds with the original black tip and also with white paint added over the tip to facilitate their identification. Ball and tracer rounds were not painted and only have a white painted “ELEC ELEC” over the headstamp.

Fede I recall a white/black with white “ELEC ELEC” on the case head dated 1985 if I recall it right. No markings on the side of the case. The PA was red.

Here’s another electric-primed .50, currently advertised by MK Ballistics, who say the following about it:

.50 Cal Blank ( Electrically Initiated), M174 Packaged 12 Per M19 Ammunition Can

These are the cartridges that have been used in EOD disrupters by the US military and many foreign EOD equipment manufacturers use the .50 Blank electrically initiated in their equipment such as Richmond EEI Ltd. These are loaded and assembled to US Military Specifications.


Tony, these are also used by British forces and probably the whole NATO.