Experimental or fake 5.7mm for P90 PDW


Hi there,
After reading the info about caseless russian cartridges I remembered I have probably two other fake rounds made by the “faker”, who worked for a time in the Ballistic Lab of the Belgian FN factory.

Can anybody confirm that these are real experimental rounds or are these fakes?

3rd round is a normal 7.5x28mm SS190 for comparison.



I can not say thay are fake or not but it exist 2 other (what I know) prototype of the 5,7x28. The first is with hds HP .30M1 K.7.62 and it has case length is 24,8mm and case head is 9,0mm, made from 30 US carbine. The next have the case lenght 24,7mm but case head has diameter 7,75mm with hds 5,7x28 FNB 90 It could be more prototype of it.
Hope this help a little.
What is the case length on yours ?


FWIW, I have some pre-release rounds dated 1989. I don’t know anything about them other than they allegedly were obtained from a source inside FN. The CM sealant is purple and the projectile FMJ.



the shortest one has a case length of 21mm, the other one is 23.5mm.
the headstamp of both cases is FNB 5,7x28 91



The second cartridge is referenced in the French book “Panorama des munitions” of Bernard Meyer.