Experimental Russian .38 Raskanikov match revolver round?

This cartridge is in my collection since 1991, however I never bothered to find out what it is. Untill now.
I swapped it during one of the first Czechoslavakian collectors meeting in the early Nineties. I was told it is an experimental Russian sporting/match cartridge for a Nagant-like revolver, named “Raskanikov”. I wrote down this name on the piece of paper and always kept it together with the round.
It wasn’t an expensive swap, so it doesn’t bother me even if it’s fake or home-made.

Has anyone got a clue of what it is??

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I have never heard this name but that may not mean much.

Is that a necked down .38 Spc. case? Looks much like.

Yes, it was originally a .38 Special case. Now I remember. It was indeed necked down for this special target revolver.

Is it possible this is actually a Czech developed cartridge and not Russian?


This seems most logical explanation. Раскаников (Raskanikov) does not sound like a valid Russian family name (if spelled correctly, of cause - there are similar names like Raskolnikov, for example)

Maybe it is indeed S&B. I really don’t know.
I have no knowledge of the Russian language, unfortunately. When I acquired the round, I just wrote down what the CZ-collector was telling me - or trying to tell. I wrote it down phonetical and he nodded ‘yes’.
It could also be a fantasy round, but it didn’t cost me a dime. I just swapped it for some other rounds.