Experimental SLAP of Picatinny Arsenal



I have a 0.50 BMG cartridge, experimental SLAP of Picatinny Arsenal.

I do not know if it is empty (factory inert) or no (I do not hear anything when I shake it).
It would be stupid to put a hole on the case if it is empty !
Can someone tell me the weight of the cartrige (empty or full), mine weighs 100.20 grams.

A small red dot is visible (with difficulty) on the base (at 9 o’clock). what is the meaning of this dot ?

Thanks for your answers


It is most likely a live round. The only ones I’ve seen were live, like this, or have a single hole in the side, or have a factory snapped primer.

You would not hear the powder inside the case of a .50 SLAP round as they loaded it to something like 105% of case volume capacity. It is a compressed powder charge. Examples of SLAP projectiles I’ve seen actually had powder granules embedded in the base of the sabot from the projectile seating pressure, along with dimples created by other granules that didn’t stick quite so well.

The red dot is nothing of significance. It’s where the primer sealant that you see all around the primer was dropped onto the case from a “pen” that applies the sealant.


Thank you very much. Now, I know what I have to do.