ExPLoad 45 auto

I have this 45 auto hollow point with a tye die filler . If i poke at it , it feels spongy. Overall weight is 258gn . What kind of load is this? All responses are appreciated!

There have been a lot of specialty bullet types developed for the 45 ACP. It would appear to have an approximate bullet weight of 165 grains, which means it probably has a lead core in it. Possibly compressed lead shot covered with a pliable compound like latex inside of the copper jacket. There several different companies that made this type of bullet, but I don’t recognize the one you picture.

When I was a kid [read: young and carefree] we created many unusual things by drilling out the hollow cavity and filing them with “stuff”, from primers to BP and primers AND BP, to shot or a single steel ball bearing, and once with undiluted dye to see the impact point.
Usually we used Elmers Glue to seal them, but sometimes Silicone Sealant was used.

Absolutely I hear ya and understand. Myself included with these fun experiments and wondered why the manufacturers didn’t sell these types. But it quickly became apparent that it was not safe from a public point of view.
I get some cartridges from a person giving me freebies? for spending money with him. I try and do everything i can before i ask him what kind of loading it is when finally give up. If you look up my other posts you can see my quandary. Some are quick and some not at all at this point. But as i realized you have to have patience in everything in life. If you want to have to outcome that suits us. Thank you for your response!

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