Exploder Ammo

New acquisition today.

The foam packing is so old it is adhering to the shell case.
What would be the best way to clean the shells? Don’t want to get rid of the original foam but would like to clean up and protect cases. Or would you simply leave it alone? Thanks for opinions.

Hi, In my opinion, the foam will continue to deteriorate.
My first green tip box: (old pics).

I baged the foam, and cleaned all but a few, to have record of the spots. My second box was silver tipped. Looked “good” when bought:
But as expected, did not like the shipping!

Again, I cleaned all but a few, and tossed this foam…But glad to have them.
(Still looking for a single yellow Carbine!)
They cleaned up fairly easy, but I don’t recall what I used with the bronze wool.
Hope this helps.

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