Explosive bullet WW1

So long as I know there is a drawing in several books about a German
explosive round with conical point from WWI. ( see also Kent`s book page 24 )
First picture is a French report from 1922 that mention the bullet with no further details.
On the second picture you see the technical information on each bullet they examine
except the bullet in question,all the lines are empty.
Years ago I bought a round that looks like the round mention in many books.
Recently I could use a X-Ray machine and following picture reveal.
Headstamp H / 5 / 18 / S67 / bullet with plain unclad jacket.




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Léon, great find, congratulations! The x-ray is great, thanks for sharing. Regards, Fede.

Very impressive x-ray. Surely there’s more information on this cartridge, probably buried in some archive in Europe!

Thanks for posting.


I can’t help with the conical tip bullet, but here’s a drawing and analysis taken from the minutes of the Small Arms Committee (SAC).

Scan 3_zpsv1z44iyk_result

Scan 5_zps9qenrzfs

Here is a drawing of the Austrian explosive bullet, probably the same one mentioned in the text.



The round introduced here by 451kr with a conical bullet is also known with an older head stamp. (H 4 16 S67)

A look inside the LE


The Flugzeugbrandpatrone

The bullet from the Eisenacher Fahrzeugwerke was probably loaded by the Gewehr Prufungs Kommission (GPK) with a 120° head stamp. The cartridge has a red annulus and is shorter as the M88.

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Hi Dutch,

The first picture you shown is not a explosive one but is the
Austrian P-17 incendiary round and has no striker to detonate.



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