Explosive ordnance terminology book

Hi every one.
I need the “Explosive ordnance terminology” book.
But I cant to find it.
Please help me to get it.
I need urgent it.
Thanks all you.


I have just 10-15 pages from that book.

Tell me the name and the author and I’ll try to get it for you. It appears to be an audio book.

It is for USA army document.
I did not find the name and auther it.

I think it is “TO” USA army document.

Give us the exact number of the doc and the exact name. This will show if it can be found.

Also check on these:




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Thanks EOD.
I check your links.
But they are not the book that I want.
The book I sent, is text book and it is course book.
It is unit by unit.

Student text book
Volume 9000.

This way it is hard to tell.
Do you have the frontpage of that document?

Maybe these are of help:
Dictionary of Military Terms.pdf (5.0 MB)
DOD Dictionary.pdf (2.1 MB)

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Thanks again EOD for dictionarys that sent me.

No I dont have front page and refrence pages.
Just have some pages

I have just some units that are copies.
For example unit 9006.this unit are 16 pages.
I will send some pages from unit 9006.