Explosive Spanish 7.92 x 57mm

I have been inerting a large quantity of military 7.92mm cartridges on behalf of a friend and amongst these were a couple of Spanish military rounds (F N P 7.92 952) which were loaded with roundnose jacketed soft-point bullets. Both had a tiny hole in the nose. One of the rounds had a green lacquered tip & casemouth seal while the other had just the remnants of a deep red casemouth seal. There was no tip colouring. Both bullets appeared identical in shape and type apart from the coloured lacquer. I pulled the green tipped bullet without any problems however the second uncoloured round exploded in the puller. Luckily the bullet jacket remained in the case and therefore the propellant didn’t explode as well. I’ve subsequently found the cartridge on Municion.com and it appears it should have had a bright red tip & casemouth which on my example had worn off.
Just one to be aware of…!


Some info from the Spanish book “TRADO DE CARTUCHERIA”

Second from the book “CARTUCHERIA ESPANOLA”


Is there a photo available of such a round?

Seems a bit excessive for a hunting load.

Maybe not for big game where you might be able to safely use a smaller caliber if your projectile has an explosive?

Be careful!!!

Here is a photo from a complete cartridge and a cutaway.
The cartridge with explosive bullet has a red tip

…the cartridge with a bullet without explosive has a green tip


Thanks for the images Rigby.