Export and import of inert cartridges to Russia


Since July, 1st, 2010 three countries - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have passed the uniform customs law. Now the customs between these three countries is abolished and these countries have identical customs laws for import and export to other countries. Unfortunately this uniform customs law was made of the worst (most forbidding) articles of laws of these three countries. This law has the Appendix №2. This Appendix represents the list of items forbidden or limited for import and export. Now are forbidden to sending into parcels “… any kinds of the weapon (their part), cartridges (their part), items structurally similar to the weapon and their parts…”. Last point means the deactivated weapon. I warn you not to send now parcels to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan with such items. Russian customs returns parcels even with inert cartridges. This new customs law contradicts weapon laws of all three countries and we search for a solution of a problem. Unfortunately we have no NRA and decision search can demand a lot of time.


Sorry to hear this, looks like the rot is spreading, not only in Australia!

How is it that people ignore history, they will never learn from the past!

All the best, Regards Ozzi.


We use an abusive word “liberasty”. This slangy word means “liberals-pederasts”. These people impose pacifism and tolerance. I consider that this madness and these people should is treated. But we have allowed them to steer us. It is sad.


Nothing wrong with tolerance if they just would tolerate us too.


Ammo collectors are even active pacifists! We take ammo out of circulation, sometimes even deactivate it, and lock it up in safe places!



You are absolutely right.


Have send recently some empty cases to Russia with no problems.



451 kr,
I think that to you has carried. The customs has returned one my parcel and some parcels of other people. Now we actively discuss a problem at Russian weapon forums and we try to find a solution of a problem.


We all wish you MUCH luck in solving the problem!


just to clarify:

you has carried = you were lucky


Thanks Jon! Now I have hope that I will receive individual “indulgence” from a management of Russian customs. But I should be the improbable lucky for this.


Maybe if we all sent letters to him he would be nice? (This is a joke.)