Extreme ammo passion


I asked my twins to take this photo in traffic coming back from a restaurant in Monroe,NY. Anyone else displaying their love for ammo on the outside of a car?


Hmm… I’d wonder if he set it there while loading the car, and then drove off, forgetting he’d left it there. LOL


My first thought!


I haven’t seen any old VWs like that for many years. What were they called = “The Thing?” Sort of modeled on the Kubelwagen. I like the Afrika Korps desert tan color.

Box could have been bolted to the bumper to hold tools, etc. I am surprised it didn’t fly away at the first left turn if not fixed in place.


I had a “Thing” for several years. It was, unfortunately, like most of the VW post-war Kubelwagens sold in the US, assembled and partially or completely made in the Cuernavaca factory in Mexico. I will be kind and say it certainly was not up to German manufacture. No, I wont be kind come to think of it. It was a piece of crap. Even my VW mechanic, a Danish chap quite expert - a really great mechanic - shared my opinion. I ended up giving it away to get rid of it.

They sure looked cool though, and that ammo can adds a touch to it.


Me, too. Very fitting. And reminds me of the VW bug I had during my days in the National Guard. I’d taken on the task of spray-painting our scout platoon’s jeeps in the 4-color, desert camo scheme used back in the late 1970s, and yielded to the temptation to paint my VW in the same camo pattern when I finished the jeeps. Also stenciled “PANZERKAMPFWAGEN” on the driver’s door. LOL

It may well have been bolted on. OTOH, it’s possible it was placed there and forgotten. If it was heavy with ammo, and he didn’t make any sharp turns or hit any bumps, it could’ve remained there for awhile. (I did that once, with an item that stayed in place on the roof long enough for me to remember, stop, get out and retrieve it.)


About displaying my ammo passion on my car, we ( my friends and I) are working on a sticker for our hoods: a flying bullet with a shark sneer …will post pictures of our work ( and will make copies of the sticker for anyone interested to)


The first, last, and only new car I ever bought was a 1967 VW Beetle ($1650, as I remember). I really liked it and kept it for over 10 years. I still miss it at times. It did have its faults, like a muffler that burned out frequently (and required removing the engine to replace it), a steering stabilizer that went out every two to three years, and a very anemic heater. Biggest problem for me was not enough room in it for hauling around guns. From what I have read, I wouldn’t touch a modern VW. I had a friend who owned a VW “Thing” and his experience with it was as previously described.


Does my licence plate qualify for the thread’s subject?


Pivi, Yes, interested!


I once saw a hippie style VW van towing a camouflage painted Kubelwagen. I wondered when I saw it if the owner leads a double life - those two vehicles are seemingly at polar opposites.


[quote=“sksvlad”]I asked my twins to take this photo in traffic coming back from a restaurant in Monroe,NY. Anyone else displaying their love for ammo on the outside of a car?

  • I hope that guy does NOT go close to an airport. If he does, he’ll make world news. Liviu 08/22/11


I guess that would depend upon what “M1943” represents.

7.62x39 M43 cartridge?
MP43 assault rifle?
Your birth year?
Something else?


Which might be the likeliest one when the thread is called “ammo passion” ?


EOD, I love your license plate! Did you get that number at random, or can one request such a specific letter-number combination where you live?



AKMS, as long as it fits the regular pattern of licence plates like max. 2 letters (min. 1) and 4 numerals (min. 1) and if it is still available you can have it for a small extra fee.
Just the short combinations of letters and numerals are reserved sometimes for motor bikes (depends on local administration).
Initially I tried “M 43” but could not get it for the reason mentioned above.


Valve stem caps!


i see a picture of car with 30mm shell as a velocity lever but i cannot remember the site (the picture is funny)


I thought about doing that with a British 1 Pounder (37mm) HE shell. It is exactly the right size. It would take 5 minutes to drill and tap at work on the lathe.


On the Smith & Wesson Forum website there is currently a picture of a floor gearshift lever (for a custom pickup truck) that has an old Iver Johnson top-break .38 revolver, barrel pointing downward, affixed on top as a knob. A dummy grenade body would also be an idea, as it would be about the right size.

By the way, if a vehicle is equipped with remote sensing of tire pressures, one must be very careful about what type of valve stem caps are used, or expensive damage can be done. Remote tire pressure sensing is not one of those extra options I would pay for.