Extreme Shock 9mm "Man-markers" / simunition?

I just received a box of 9mm CT-2 trainers (should be green tip). I bought them online and they are supposedly the new ones. With this box, the vendor also sent me an Extreme Shock catalog which shows all of their ammo, and the lubricant that they also market. On one of the pages it showed “man marker” cartridges which looked just like Simunition. They look like 9mm at the top of the photo, but the literature says 7.8x21, I have never seen these before:

Also, the box that I received is the newer style Extreme Schock ammo box as far as what I am familiar with, and it had a date of Dec 2008 stamped in it, but the CT-2 cartridges which should be green tip are actually black tip. I thought they might actually be the EPR rds mistakenly put in the box, which are black, but the tips are different & smaller, so maybe they are CT-2’s? The headstamps were R-P brass, and not EXT-SHK also.

Update: There is a second page to the Extreme Shock promo sheet for these man-markers here: http://www.policeone.com/policeone/data/pdfs/Extreme-Shock-ManMarkers.pdf . The website which it is on, and other links that are found with Google searches only produce pseudo / spoof sites which are just advertising gateways and these few sites mention the man-markers. I am assuming that this was just a copy of Simunition, or a possible licensed copy of Simunition?? I can’t imagine Simunition wanting Extreme Shock to pass of their product under the EXT-SHK name?

the cartridge look like same at swiss pyrosafe training ammo

They might be the Pyrosafe from Airmunition too. Well there’s another couple of rds I had not heard of. Are those currently available anywhere?

–Also, I just received an answer about the black CT-2 ammo. Apparently Extreme Shock was out of the green tips, and so they used black tips on a bunch of those loads last year from around December to January so as not to hold up production. I guess there are now green and black tip CT-2’s

Simunition is alive and well; no contracts, patent sharing or anything with any other manufacturer that I’m aware of.

DK, the cartridges in the photo appear different from the Simunition ammo I’ve used; the projectile/piston look different as does the cartridge case length and case neck crimp (lack thereof in the photo).

I’m attending the ATK ForceOnForce instructor’s course in December; ATK has cleared me to do a write-up so I’ll have lots more info on the FoF product soon.