Extreme Shock Air Freedom

Can someone please help. After cutting the Air freedom 357 mag round (fourth from the left), was wondering if its supposed to be hollow under the orange plastic ball or did something wash out. Seems like there was something very soft in there. Thanks wolfgang

I cannot answer your question but I would like to say nice work.


There might’ve been a loose fragment of what E.S. called “Nytrillium” (sintered tungsten) in there, but I believe the idea was for the plastic ball to force the hollow-top sintered tungsten slug apart upon impact, thus making for a bunch of particles which would blast into the target. Similar to how a Glaser safety slug might work.

The cavity in the Glaser makes me wonder how uniform the weight distribution of the bullet core actually is. Void in the bullet core is unlikely to improve accuracy, but I have no feel for how badly it would effect it.

Good work! Thanks for sharing.


A collector from Europe told me he had the same experience when cutting a 9mmx19 Air Freedom round.
Probably the cavity below the orange ball is filled with some sort of fine, non-compressed powder.

The unobtanium fell out. NRC will probably be stopping by haha.